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Refillable Personal Care Items


Goldenseal & Citrus Shampoo by Oneka | 0.70/oz 
Angelica & Lavender Shampoo by Oneka | 0.70/oz 


Goldenseal & Citrus Conditioner by Oneka | 0.70/oz
Angelica & Lavender Conditioner by Oneka | 0.70/oz

Shower Gel

Angelica & Lavender by Oneka | 0.65/oz 
Cedar & Sage by Oneka | 0.65/oz 

Liquid Soap

Bergamot Orange Liquid Soap | 0.50/oz
Lemon Verbena Liquid Soap | 0.50/oz
Unscented Hand & Body Soap | 0.50/oz

Body Lotion

The Clean Refillery Signature Body Cream* | .90/oz
Lemon Verbena Body Cream* | .90/oz
Unscented Body Lotion by Oneka | 0.85/oz (SALE!)

Facial Products

Creamy Rosemary Mint Gentle Facial Cleanser* | 3.00/oz
Lavender Rose Facial Toner* | 2.00/oz
Unscented Face Cream by Oneka | 4.25/oz 
Glow Moisture Cream by Zatik | 6.00/oz
Reef-Safe Solar Mineral Facial Sunscreen by Zatik | 5.10/oz
Charcoal Honey Face Mask* | 4.00/oz

Refillable Household Items


Laundry Soap with Lavender Essential Oil* by Organic Chix | 0.15/oz
Lavender Infused Fabric Softener* by Organic Chix | 0.12/oz
Stain Remover* by Organic Chix | 0.40/oz


Unscented Dishwasher Gel by Better Life | 0.25/oz
Lemon Mint Dish Soap by Better Life | 0.25/oz 


All Purpose Cleaner* by Organic Chix | 0.35/oz

Zero Waste Body + Hair Essentials

Body Soap Bar

4 oz Artisan Soap Bars* | 8.00/each

Available Scents: The Clean Refillery Signature Scent, Lemon Verbena, Lavender Shea, Tea Tree Charcoal



Natural Deodorant in Plastic-Free Paperboard Packaging by Baili | 15.00/each

Available Scents: Lemon + Bergamot, Lavender + Peppermint (restock coming soon), Cedarwood + Sweet Orange, Unscented


Bath Premium Epsom Salts

Essential Oil Lavender Infused Himalayan Bath Salts* | 0.60/oz 

Bath Bombs

4.5 oz Luxury Bath Bombs* | 6.00/each

Available scents: Lavender Vanilla, Oatmeal Honey, Geranium Rose, Aloe Shea

Eucalyptus Steam Cleansing Vapors for the Shower* by No Tox Life

Single Refills | 2.25/each

9-10 Piece Jar | 22.00/each

38 Piece Bulk Jar | 69.00/each


Woven Soap Bag

Exfoliating Soap Bag* | 4.00/each

Agave Wash Cloth

Handmade Agave Wash Cloth 12x20 inches | 9.00/each


DIP Shampoo Bar

4 oz Color-Safe for Every Day Shampoo Bar by DIP | 24.00/each

Available Scents: Fragrance-Free, Coconut + Almond, Rosewater + Jasmine, Tobacco + Driftwood


DIP Conditioner Bar

4 oz Conditioner Bar + After-Swim Detangler by DIP | 32.00/each

Available Scents: Fragrance-Free, Coconut + Almond, Rosewater + Jasmine, Tobacco + Driftwood


DIP Hair Bar Life Preserver

Black Draining Soap Dish | 12.00/each

Zero Waste Cleaning Essentials

Dish Block

6 oz Vegan Dish Block* by No Tox Life | 10.00/each

Soap Shelf

Bamboo Soap Shelf *Will fit dish soap and body soap blocks* | 7.00/each

Washing Brush

Dishwashing & Vegetable Hand Brush* | 8.00/each
Pot Scrubbing Brush | 8.00/each

Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub

Home Cleaning Scrub - Peppermint & Tea Tree by Meliora | 9.00/each



2 oz Containers

Amber glass with fine mist sprayer (great for facial toners) | 3.00/each
Clear glass with product pump (great for facial products) | 3.00/each
Glass jar with black lid (great for facial products, salts) | 3.00/each

4 oz Containers

Amber glass with fine mist sprayer (great for facial toners) | 4.00/each
Clear glass with product pump (great for facial products) | 4.00/each

6 oz Containers

Clear glass jar with black lid (great for body creams, bath salts) | 4.00/each

8 oz Containers

Clear glass bottle with lotion pump | 4.00/each
Aluminum bottle with lotion pump | 4.00/each

16 oz Containers

Clear glass bottle with cap | 6.00/each
Glass bottle with lotion pump or sprayer | 6.00/each

Comes in blue, amber, and clear

Aluminum bottle with pump or sprayer | 6.00/each

32 oz Containers

Straight jar with black lid | 4.00/each

64 oz Containers

Half gallon growler with cap | 9.00/each
Half gallon growler with pump | 13.00/each


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